I read a Market Watch blog post that pointed out that Apple has a market cap that is 1.4 times Exxon Mobil’s and twice the market cap of GE’s. These bubble charts compare 22 of the 26 companies with market caps over $100 billion to see why. (Some comparable financial data wasn’t available for 4 of the companies.) In the bubble chart above, you can see that Apple (bubble 1) doesn’t have the highest gross profit or the highest revenue, but it stands alone in lower right quadrant with the largest market cap. But that isn’t the only chart in which Apple stands alone among these companies. In the bubble chart below, you can see that Apple has year-over-year quarterly revenue growth that is almost twice as much as Qualcom’s (bubble 18) and three times everyone else’s. Couple that with profit margins and revenue numbers that are in the top 20% of this group, and you can see why Apple is still relatively undervalued compared to its large cap peers. Apple compared to other large caps in revenue growth and profit margin