We love new feature suggestions from our users, and we are pleased to introduce the three most requested bubble chart features in Bubble Chart Pro 4. The first most requested feature was the capability to automatically label the bubbles in bubble charts by displaying the project names on top of the bubbles. You can do this in Bubble Chart Pro 4 by checking the [Display Bubble Name] checkbox in the preference form. The second most requested feature was the capability to add custom graphics and pictures to the backgrounds of bubble charts and bar charts. In Bubble Chart Pro 4.0, you can import individual pictures and save them in a library. You can then easily select the pictures that you want to use as backgrounds for your charts. This allows you to add graphical backgrounds such as photographs, maps, textures, corporate logos, etc. You can even import a picture of a different chart and arrange the bubbles on top of it. The third most requested feature was the capability of selecting bubbles to blink on-and-off in the chart display. This is a really easy and dramatic way to quickly see how one project or a group of projects is located on a chart in different views. You can toggle the blinking on or off by clicking a button on the front of the bubble chart form. Also, you can change the blinking speed by setting it using a slider in the preference form. Bubble Chart Pro 4 is a free upgrade to all our current licensed Bubble Chart Pro customers. If you’re not a current user, click here now to try it for free!