We just launched Bubble Chart Pro™ Version 3.5, which adds a couple of great new features. First, in Bubble Chart Pro™ PLUS and Bubble Chart Pro™ OPTIMAL, you can now open your project portfolios in a Project Portfolio Dashboard. The Dashboard let’s you view and compare multiple bubble and bar charts in a single form as well as modify your data, prioritize your projects, and run optimizations (in the OPTIMAL edition). You can also see the distribution of your data for individual projects in a pie chart by simply clicking on a project row. Second, now you can set full or partial columns of cells to equation results. For example, if you wanted to add Column A and Column B together and display the results in Column C, you would select Column C in the “Modify Selection” form and set the result to “A +B.” This new feature supports parentheses, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, and you write the equations as you would in Microsoft Excel® and other common spreadsheet programs. The equation editor available in all Bubble Chart Pro™ editions. Learn how to download your free trial version of Bubble Chart Pro™ by clicking here.