We’ve just launched Optsee.com, a new website for our newest (and oldest) software product: Optsee®.

It is our oldest product because Optsee® was our very first project portfolio management application. It is our newest product because Optsee® 5 is a complete re-write of Optsee® based on the Bubble Chart Pro™ application platform.

Optsee® 5 is currently in public beta testing, and I encourage you to download the free trial and give it a try. I think you’ll like what you find.

If you’re a Bubble Chart Pro™ user, than you will find the Optsee® 5 user interface to be very familiar.

On top of all the features of Bubble Chart Pro™ OPTIMAL, Optsee® 5 adds a whole new level of business analytics to our project portfolio management software products including: