Bubble Chart Pro 6.3 will be featuring a completely redesigned project attribute form so that you can fine-tune the SMART* project attribute (metric) values of each attribute in your project portfolio, and make your project portfolio prioritization even more precise and transparent.

In the SMART* prioritization system, each project attribute (such as ROIs, risks, costs, etc.) is transformed onto a curve representing a “0” to “100” scale where “0” is the worst value (for example, lowest ROI or highest risk) and “100” is the best value (for example, highest ROI or lowest risk). These individual attribute scores are then weighted by the analyst to yield the overall SMART value score.
New SMART Project Prioritization Curves including linear, S-curve and step curve

Figure 1: New SMART Project Prioritization Curves coming in Bubble Chart Pro 6.3.

Most SMART attribute systems are based on a straight-line or curve-linear relationship between the SMART value score and the attribute value. Coming in version 6.3 of Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL and PLUS editions, you’ll be able to select from 2 additional curve types: a S-Curve (Logisitic) type and a Step-Curve (Incremental) type (Figure 1 above).

Like the Linear curve, the S-Curve will be easily adjustable using the slider below the chart, so you can make it reflect increasing or decreasing rate of return. The Step-Curve can be easily adjusted and shaped by selecting the number of steps you want and then dragging the points to individually adjust the height and width of each step.

Figure 2: New SMART Project Prioritization Form with Selected Project

Figure 2: New SMART Project Prioritization Form with Selected Project

Plus, by clicking the “Show Projects” check box (Figure 2 above), you can see where each individual project is located on the SMART score curve. This allows you to easily adjust each each curve so that you can precisely fine-tune the location of each project along the curve.

Figure 3: Category and Date Attribute Example Forms

Figure 3: “Category” and “Date” Project Attribute Example Forms.

In addition to the 3 curves, you will also be able to use “Category” (text) data to rank your projects and “Date” data to keep track of project milestones (Figure 3 above).

(Click here for more details on using this new attribute form.)

We expect to be releasing version 6.3 with this new form in late August as a free update to all current registered licensed Bubble Chart Pro PLUS and OPTIMAL version 6.x users. If you’re not a current registered licensed user click here to download your free trial today!

*SMART: Simple Multi-Attribute Ranking Technique