New Features to Help You Analyze Your Data in a Whole New Way!

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Version 8 adds many new features to make your analyses and decision-making using bubble charts faster, clearer, and easier than ever before. Bubble Chart Pro™ 8 includes a packed bubble charts, picture bubbles, project and portfolio notes, and a whole lot more! And all at a low price of only $49.97!

New Bubble Chart Pro™ Packed Bubble Charts:

Packed bubble charts are a great way to display and compare data in a bubble chart. Packed bubble charts display data using non-overlapping bubbles or circles packed tightly within a chart area. Bubble Chart Pro™ lets you create beautiful custom packed bubble charts with all of Bubble Chart Pro™’s interactive features in just a few clicks!

new packed bubble charts

New Picture Bubbles:

Now you can use pictures inside your bubbles instead of only colors and patterns. You can use any picture including photographic textures and company logos. Pictures are easy to add to Bubble Chart Pro™ using the new Drag and Drop interface. Plus, Bubble Chart Pro™ comes preloaded with over 300 images for you to choose from!

new picture bubbles in bubble chart

New Individually-Colored Bubble Labels:

It can be hard to see the labels on bubbles when the text is black and the bubbles are dark or the label is white and the bubbles are light. One color for all bubbles just doesn’t work! In version 8, you’ll be able to select different colors for your bubble labels and preview them in the Project Form, so you’ll get labels that pop! The “Modify Selection” form also makes it easy to change the bubble label color for multiple projects at once in just a few clicks.

new picture bubbles in bubble chart

New Notes:

You can now add, edit, and retrieve notes for all data forms. Notes are edited in Note forms that support text formatting, and you can cut and paste, export, and print individual notes and export all the notes associated with a portfolio.

Bubble Chart notes

New Drag and Drop Pictures:

You can add pictures to the Bubble Chart Pro™ picture library using by dragging and dropping pictures into the Add New Picture form. New pictures become available immediately for chart backgrounds and bubbles.

Bubble Chart drag and drop pictures

New Modify Selection:

The new Modify Selection is a great way to change selected subsets of multiple projects in just a few clicks! You can even perform mathematical equations on a data. You can modify any form field or data object except the name.

Bubble Chart selected subsets

New Enclose Bubbles Within Borders:

Bubble charts borders can be drawn now so that the bubbles are completely contained within the chart borders or the centers of the bubbles are on the chart borders. This can be toggled separately for the X and Y axes. Enclosing the bubbles within the borders gives a nice look, but places the bubbles closer together with the chart area.

Bubble Chart Enclosed Bubbles Within Borders

New Use Margins With Categorical Data:

Instead of using the outer border for a data category gridline, toggling this feature places all the category gridlines within the chart borders.

Bubble Chart Margins With Categorical Data

New Date Picker:

Dates are now entered in project and portfolio forms using a calendar date picker or by manually entering the date in the formatted area.

Bubble Chart New Date Picker

Lock Bubbles:

Toggling this “on” prevents the user from moving bubbles around on a bubble charts.

Open Notes on Double-Click:

Toggling this “on” causes the Notes form to open when a user double-clicks on a bubble. Otherwise, the project data form opens after the user double-clicks on a button.

Compatibility with Mac OS Sierra and Higher:

Bubble Chart Pro™ is now compatible with Mac OS Sierra and higher.

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NOTE: Bubble Chart Pro PLUS and Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL have been discontinued and replaced with Optsee® Basic and Optsee® Plus, respectively. Click here to learn more about these two new products.