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Welcome to Bubble Chart Pro™. The Bubble Chart Pro™ system provides you with a powerful tool for quickly organizing, analyzing, visualizing and communicating your business data using insightful and colorful bubble charts.

Bubble Chart Pro™ is easy to learn and use. The following is a summary of what you can do with Bubble Chart Pro™. To learn more, go to the Bubble Chart Pro™ Quick Start Guide, and visit the Bubble Chart Pro™ Web site at

Organize, Visualize, and Analyze Critical Business Decisions

Data in Bubble Chart Pro™ is organized into Portfolios, which are similar to spreadsheets but have sorting, querying, and selecting functionality built-in so it is easy to “slice and dice” your data and see it displayed in your charts immediately. Data is entered in 4 different ways: by moving bubbles on a chart, by using a form, by importing from a spreadsheet, or by directly entering it into Portfolio cells.

Each Portfolio contains a list of Projects and each Portfolio can contain as many Projects as you want. The Projects are stored in rows and the numerical data associated with each Project is listed in corresponding columns. Each column has a cell at the top that displays the label for the data in that column; this is called the “column name,” and each column, therefore, displays the “Column data.” A Portfolio can have up to 100 data columns.

You as many different Portfolios as you want, and you open them from the Portfolio List form.

Each Portfolio form consists of two tabs for organizing your data and charts: a data table tab and a bubble chart tab.

You can create and save as many bubble charts as you want using the New Chart forms. Saved charts and their associated data parameters are listed in the bubble chart table so you can find the one you want to view and open it in just 2 clicks.

Virtually every display aspect of a chart is customizable using the Modify Bubble Chart Preference form. You can also annotate your bubble charts with drawings and text using the Drawing Toolbar associated with your open charts.

Portfolios can be printed or exported to spreadsheets using the “Print” and “Export” menu Projects. Similarly, charts can be printed directly or exported to a variety of popular graphic formats including png, jpeg, and gif for use in reports.

Bubble Chart Pro™ is completely customizable. You can build thousands of portfolios, and charts that manage and analyze thousands of projects.

Share Data and Charts with Other Programs

You can export your data to tab-delineated files that can be opened by popular programs such as Microsoft Excel. All Bubble Chart Pro™ charts can also be exported in popular graphics files so that they may be included in other reports.