Finally! An Affordable Solution to Project Prioritization and Project Portfolio Optimization.

A powerful all-in-one project prioritization and real optimization system in an easy-to-use application!

  • Easily rank your projects using the automatic SMART project prioritization system developed by scientists at Harvard, MIT, and the University of Southern California
  • Clearly see your prioritized project portfolios in exclusive project ranking charts
  • Track project risk and uncertainty in your portfolios by turning it on in bubble charts and project ranking charts.
  • Perform sensitivity testing on your portfolios to predict the impacts of change.
  • Optimize your portfolios to maximize your return on investment
  • Easily create beautiful 3D bubble charts to see your portfolios
  • Quickly compare your projects in multiple dimensions such as value, cost, and risk using the Project Portfolio Dashboard
  • Perfect for your meeting presentations with interactive bubble chart features
  • Drill-down and modify your data directly in the bubble charts
  • Get the look that you want with full customization and drawing tools
  • Zoom-in to interesting chart areas using our exclusive "Zoom Boxes"

Bottom line: Just one analysis using Bubble Chart Pro™ OPTIMAL could easily save you hundreds or thousands of times the purchase price!

“We have spent months searching for a way to visually classify and prioritize clinical activities in our medical centre. We needed to classify clinical programs on the basis of at least four different parameters and show this visually in one graphic representation. Until we discovered Bubble Chart, this was an impossible exercise. Since the acquisition of Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL we have finally been able to accomplish exactly what we wanted to do. The product is fairly easy to use and does exactly what it claims to do. I would recommend it highly.”
Lawrence R., MD, Executive Director Healthcare
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Looking to try the demo? The Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL application has been discontinued and replaced with Optsee® Plus!

Click here to go to the Optsee® website and sign-up to try the Optsee® Plus or Optsee® Pro demo. Optsee® Plus has all the features of Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL and more. Click here to view the product comparison chart.

"Numerous R&D projects within a small company with finite resources can be a real challenge to prioritize. Net Present Value (NPV) can be one method, however with the potentially endless parameters available within Bubble Chart Pro™ OPTIMAL, visualizing an entire portfolio from several different business perspectives is even more powerful. This unique tool has allowed our company to better allocate resources to projects that meet our management team’s objectives and “weed-out” those that don’t. And, with the flexible parameter weighting, our prioritization methods can evolve as our company grows. The minimal cost of obtaining a license has already been offset just in helping to eliminate the focus from low-value projects."
Rich D., Project Development Manager in R&D Agrichemicals

"Amazing - WOW! This is exactly what our team needs to shine. Every PMO should be using this program. I can't believe that we have spent so much time manually fussing over bubble charts so that they visually present correctly and accurately. Thank you. I'm your latest fan."
Stephanie B., Project Portfolio Manager, Education