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Bubble Chart Pro™ Quick Start Guide: Introduction

Welcome to Bubble Chart Pro™!

The purpose of this Quick Start Guide is to provide you with a fast overview of the forms and procedures you'll need to quickly create and prioritize your projects using bubble charts. The guide is organized to show you each step as if you were just opening a new Bubble Chart Pro™ file.

Ultimately, Bubble Chart Pro™ has been designed to give you a fast and easy way to create beautiful bubble charts for better analysis, understanding and communication of your data. As you'll see, Bubble Chart Pro™ forms makes data entry and analysis easy.

This Quick Start Guide is for Bubble Chart Pro™ OPTIMAL. Bubble Chart Pro™ PLUS does not include uncertainty tracking, ranking charts, or the optimization module and features and Bubble Chart Pro™ Basic does not include the dashboard, SMART prioritization, sensitivity testing, ranking charts, bar charts, or the optimization module.

The following conventions are used in this guide:

• Red arrows illustrate data entry actions and the blue arrows are for information.

• Summaries, Notes, and Tips are highlighted in text boxes.

• For convenience, the term “Portfolio” is used to refer to a collection of data objects and the term “Project” is used to refer to a data object. Of course, Bubble Chart Pro™ can be used for many different types of data analyses, not just for “projects.”

Unlike document-based applications, Bubble Chart Pro uses a powerful database engine for its work. When you create a new Bubble Chart Pro™ datafile, it is created in a “name.4base” folder on Windows or in a “name.4base” Package on Macs. The file that you open has a “.4dd” application extension in side the folder or package.

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