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Importing Projects to Your Portfolio in Bubble Chart Pro™

1. Select "Create Import Template..." from the "Portfolios" menu.

2. In the Import Template Preference form you can select to include all the displayed projects or create an empty template and click [Create].

3. Follow the standard save dialog process for your system to save the Template.

4. The template is saved as a tab-delimited text file.

5. Open the template in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program that can open and save tab-delimited text files.

6. Here is the template after adding 15 new Projects:

7. Be sure to save the template as a tab-delimited text file:

8. Select "Import from Template..." from the "Portfolios" menu to open the Import From Template form.

9. Click [Import] and select the import template file. The Projects are immediately prioritized and displayed in the Portfolio form.

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