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Projects and project data can be entered in 5 different ways:

  • New projects can be entered individually using the New Project form or by duplicating an existing project using the project form
  • Multiple new projects can be entered by importing from a spreadsheet template.
  • Existing projects can be modified Individually by opening them in the project form.
  • Existing projects can be modified Individually by dragging and dropping their corresponding bubbles in the Bubble Chart form.
  • Existing projects can be modified directly by entering data in the cells of the portfolio Project Data form.
  • Multiple projects can be modified simultaneously using the Modify Selection form.

To add a new project to a portfolio, you click the [New] button or select the "New Project…" Menu item under the portfolios menu. This will open the New Project form which you can use to enter and save your data.

To duplicate a project, you open the project from the Portfolio Form and click on the [Duplicate] button of the Project form. This will close the original Project form and create and open an exact duplicate that you can modify and save.

To import data from a spreadsheet template, you can follow the instructions described in the Importing Projects section.

You can modify existing data by opening the project in the Project form, modifying the data, and then saving the form. You can also modify project data directly in the data cells of the Project Data form by slowly double-clicking on the cell to make the data editable.

You can modify multiple projects at once by selecting (highlighting) a selection of projects in the Portfolio form, selecting the "Modify Selection…” menu item under the "Portfolios" menu, and then changing one piece of data to a common value using the Modify Selection form.