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The data used for creating bubble charts in Bubble Chart Pro™ is collected, stored, and modified in "portfolios." A portfolio is simply a list of items (which we call "projects") with data. A "project" doesn't have to be a project in any particular sense as Bubble Chart Pro™ can be used for any type of item that has data associated with it. Therefore, we are using the words "portfolio" and "project" as convenient terms, but don't think that Bubble Chart Pro™ is only useful for project portfolios.

A Bubble Chart Pro™ portfolio looks similar a spreadsheet, however, it has a lot of built-in functionality designed specifically for doing analyses using bubble charts, and it doesn't have a lot of the customization features (such as the ability to enter formulas into cells) that you would find in spreadsheets. However, you can import and export your data to and from spreadsheets for doing additional analyses.

The first step you take in creating a portfolio is to open the portfolio list by clicking on the "Open Portfolio List…" Menu item under the “Portfolio List" menu. This is where all of the portfolios in the Bubble Chart Pro™ datafile are listed. To create a new portfolio, you simply click the [New] button to open the "New Portfolio" form, enter the name of the new portfolio, and click save. The name of the new portfolio now immediately appears in the Portfolio List form.

Alternatively, if you already created a portfolio and you would like to create a modified version of that portfolio, you simply click on the [Duplicate] button, and like before, you'll be presented with the "New Portfolio" form. After you enter the name for your new portfolio, all of the projects and bubble charts associated with the portfolio that you are duplicating are created in the new portfolio.

To open a portfolio in the "Portfolio" form, you simply double-click on the row containing the name of the portfolio that you want to open (or click once on the row and then click the [Open] button).

If you click once on a portfolio row, that portfolio is selected (highlighted). This enables the [Open], [Duplicate], and [Delete] buttons for the selected portfolio. You can also perform the same operations using the menu items under the "Portfolio List" menu.

To change the name of a portfolio, you slowly click on the name in the row that you want to change and the name will become editable.