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The import process requires four steps:

1. Create an Bubble Chart Pro™ import template: This is done when you select the "Create Import Template..." menu item of the "Portfolios" menu. This menu item is only active when you have an open portfolio in the frontmost window and the template is created exclusively for that portfolio

2. Open the template in Microsoft Excel®. Add, edit, or delete projects.

3. When you're ready to import the data, save the file a tab-delimited text (".txt") file.

4. Open the originating portfolio and select the "Import Projects..." menu item of the "Portfolios" menu to open the Import Projects to Portfolio form. You will be asked to choose whether you want to append imported projects to current projects or delete all current projects and replace with the imported projects. Select the option you want and then select the completed template file. Before Bubble Chart Pro™ imports the data from the template, it automatically checks each column to ensure that the data is appropriate for importation. If the data is out of range or in the wrong format (text instead of numeric data, for example), the import operation is stopped and the portfolio is not changed (see import error messages for more information). When the import is successfully completed, the portfolio is refreshed to display the new selection of projects.

For additional important details about importing project data into Bubble Chart Pro™, please see the Import Projects to Portfolio form and import error messages.