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Form Overview

The Set Chart Size form is used to set the initial chart size for opening bubble charts in the Bubble Chart Display form, but will not change the chart size of any currently open charts. You can change the chart size by dragging the lower right corner of the form. The size setting is relative to the size of your monitor. The large setting may not be much bigger than the small setting when viewed using a small monitor, such as on a laptop.

Note: On small monitors, such as on laptops, there may not be difference between the "small" and "medium" chart size settings. Also, for the charts to opened correctly the Bubble Chart Pro™ application window must be larger than the chart that being opened.

If the monitor screen resolution is too small to display a chart, even at the smallest setting, you will get an alert message.

Set Chart Size Preference Form Slider:

Use the slider to adjust the size of the Bubble Chart forms.

Set Chart Size Preference Check box:

"Save as Default" check box: Click on this check box to save the selected chart size as the default.

Set Chart Size Preference Form Buttons:

[Save]: Click on this button to save the chart size preference.

[Cancel]: Click on this button to keep the previous form size preference.