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Form Overview

This form displays a single 3D bubble chart. In the chart area, the chart name is displayed at the top, the Y-axis name is on the left, and the X-axis and bubble size labels are on the bottom.

The Legend area displays the item name next to a small representation of that item's bubble. You can display the legend in different ways using the 3D Bubble Chart Preferences form.

You can open and modify an item by double-clicking on a bubble in the chart area or on a bubble or name in the Legend area. This will cause the corresponding Item form to be displayed.

You can also display a bubble's variable values by right-clicking (control-clicking on Mac) an individual bubble.

Bubble Charts can also display bubbles with areas corresponding to zero and negative values. Bubbles areas that correspond to negative values are displayed with the size representative of the negative value, but are white with an "X" spanning the diameter of the bubble. The "X" displays the color and pattern assigned to the item.

Bubble areas that represent to 0 are simply represented by X's. The "X" displays the color and pattern assigned to the item.

Changes to the chart display are made using the 3D Bubble Chart Preferences form, which is opened by clicking on the [Modify] button at the bottom of the bubble chart legend area.

You can set the initial size of the bubble chart window using the Set Bubble Chart Size form and you can adjust the chart size by dragging the lower right corner.

Each time a Bubble Chart is opened, the Drawing Tools Toolbar is opened with the chart (if it isn't already displayed). Note that drawings and annotations are static and do not rotate if the chart is rotated. Also, drawings and annotations are not printed or exported with the chart.

You can also print and export the chart displayed in this form using the standard "Print" and "Export" menu items under the "File" menu.

Right-Mouse Click on Bubbles:

Placing the cursor over a bubble and right-clicking displays the name and coordinates for the selected bubble.

Dragging and Dropping Bubbles:

Unlike 2D bubble charts, dragging and dropping bubbles in 3D bubble charts is not enabled.

The Bubble Chart Display Form Buttons:

Chart Rotation button: Click the square blue buttons to rotate the chart horizontally and vertically around the axes of rotation as illustrated in the figure below:

[Restore Default View] button: Click the green oval button to restore the rotation to the default view.

[Zoom Box On] button: Click this button to enable drawing a "zoom box." A zoom box lets you zoom-in on an area of a bubble chart by displaying the only bubbles defined by the area of the zoom box. After clicking [Draw Zoom Box], you define the area that you want to isolate by dragging the mouse:

When you release the mouse, the bubble chart is redrawn to only display the bubbles whose centers were enclosed in the zoom box:

[Zoom Box Off] button: Click this buttons to restore the chart to its original display parameters.

[Blinking On/Off] button: Click this buttons to start/stop the blinking of any projects that have been set to blink in the Project form.

[Modify]: Click this button to display the 3D Bubble Chart Preferences form.

[Show/Hide Legend] button: Use this button to toggle the display of the legend on and off in the form.

[Close]: Click on this button to close the Bubble Chart form.