3D bubble charts let you look at 4 dimensions of data in a single chart. Data is represented by the X, Y, and Z-axes and the bubble size. In the prototype chart pictured, the most desirable quadrant is the upper-left-front quadrant – these are the projects with combined lower costs (X-axis), higher success probabilities (Y-axis), and higher value scores (Z-axis). Within all quadrants, the larger bubbles represent relatively higher profits. The 3D bubble charts can be rotated left, right, up, and down so you can explore the data from different perspectives. Also, the drop lines leading from the center of each bubble to the grids can be turned on and off to help add to understanding where each bubble is located in 3 dimensional space. We’ll be releasing Bubble Chart Pro Version 5.x with 3D bubble charts sometime this fall. As with our other bubble charts, our 3D bubble charts will be easy to create and customize. In the meantime, you can try Bubble Chart Pro™ Version 5 today. Simply click here to

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