3D bubble charts are particularly useful for looking at projects and business investments simultaneously in dimensions of costs, risks, rewards, and benefits. However, unlike 2D charts, there generally isn’t a single view that lets you see all of the relationships at once because bubbles hide behind other bubbles and it can be difficult to see the spatial relationships between the bubbles and grid surfaces. These are some of the challenges of presenting a “3D” chart on a flat surface. Bubble Chart Pro™ offers three features for helping to overcome these limitations. Click here to see a short video entitled “Analyzing 3D Bubble Charts” (3:51 minutes) The first feature is the use of “drop-lines.” Drop-lines are two lines that run from the center of each bubble to the chart grids. One line goes to a vertical grid and one goes to the horizontal grid. These drop-lines let you quickly locate the center of the bubble relative to the XY, XZ, or YZ graphs. You can also toggle the drop-line display on and off. The second feature is the ability to rotate the chart horizontally and vertically by clicking buttons on the chart form. This gives you the virtual ability to study your chart from different angles, as if you were walking around or flying over the chart in 3 dimensions. Chart rotation lets you visualize complex project relationships in a very natural manner. The third feature is the ability to toggle the bubble size to “all equally sized.” By removing the bubble size variable, you can quickly see where the bubbles are in relation to the X, Y, and Z-axes. Essentially, it becomes a 3D scatter chart. You can then toggle the bubble size variable back on. Combined, these three features, drop-lines, chart rotation and bubble size control, work together to let you explore your data in 3D bubble charts in a way that is unique to Bubble Chart Pro™. And you can try it for yourself right now. Simply click on the link below to sign-up for your free demo download. Click here to sign-up to download your free demo now.