In Version 5.1, we’re introducing “Categories,” a new way to assign values to project attributes in your project portfolios and then plot them in bubble charts. Instead of rating project attributes “on a scale of 1 to 10,” now you can assign categories tied to whatever numerical scale you prefer. For example, in this bubble chart, you can quickly see the relationship of projects in the Strategic Value categories and Cost and Profit. Projects in the “Good” to “Excellent” strategic value categories with lower costs are in the most-desirable upper-left quadrant while projects in the “Fair” to “None” strategic value categories with higher costs are in the least-desirable lower right quadrant. You can compare the profit-potential of all the projects by comparing the bubble’ sizes. Although these “Categories” appear as ordered text values in the chart, the new “Categories” format allows you to associate each text value with a number. In this illustration, the categories for “Strategic Value” have been assigned as follows:
  • Excellent = 100
  • Very good = 90
  • Good = 75
  • Fair = 50
  • Poor = 25
  • None = 0
In Bubble Chart Pro™ PLUS and Bubble Chart Pro™ OPTIMAL, these value assignments can be used in both the SMART prioritizer as input into project ranking and in the optimizer to select the best set of projects. In all versions of Bubble Chart Pro™, the number assignments determine the order that they appear along the chart axis (low-to-high).
Adding categories to a bubble chart
Assigning values is easy. Clicking on the top row of a column in the Portfolio form opens the preferences for that column. Selecting “Categories” as the column format opens the list at the top, where you add your individual categories and assigned values. After you save and close the form, you can then select the category for an individual project by clinking on a cell in that column and selecting the project assignment from a pop-up menu.
selecting categories in Bubble Charts
You can also modify groups of selected projects in a few mouse clicks using the “Modify Selection” form.
selecting categories in Bubble Charts
“Categories” are another way that Bubble Chart Pro can help you get control over your project portfolios and make smarter business investment decisions.