I am pleased to announce that Bubble Chart Pro™ Version 6 has been released, and it is full of new features to help make your business data analysis faster and easier and your presentations and reports more persuasive and insightful.

Now in version 6 you can:

  • Instantly see your projects ranked against whatever attribute you select in a brand-new project ranking chart.
  • Move the X- and Y-axes to the center of the chart to create compelling quadrant views of your distributions.
  • Track risk and uncertainty in your project valuations so you can make "real-world" project estimates and comparisons.
  • Perform sensitivity testing to understand the impact of change on your project portfolios.

Plus we’ve made dozens of other important improvements such as movable columns in the portfolio form, sortable legends in all bubble charts, new preferences for all list forms, new WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) chart printing and export routines, and instant file back-up and restore for saving and sharing Bubble Chart Pro™ datafiles.

Every change we make in Bubble Chart Pro™ is about giving you a better tool for making better data-driven decisions. Thanks so much for your interest in Bubble Chart Pro™ – we couldn’t do what we do without you.


Click here to see screenshots of the new features in version 6.

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