Happy New Year! Today’s bubble chart is a bubble chart of the bubbly: we look at the champagne consumption of the top 25 champagne-drinking countries. Source: Champagne Pages In the first bubble chart, the x-axis displays champagne consumption as a total of the % produced annually; the y-axis displays the average consumption per capita; and the bubble area represents the country’s population. As you can see, France, the producer of champagne, drinks most of what it makes, sipping 59% of all the champagne produced. The countries with the largest per-capita consumption are tiny Guadeloupe and Martinique. So if we zoom in on everybody else in the lower left quadrant using the “zoom-box” feature of Bubble Chart Pro™, we can see that the third, fourth, and fifth place in consumption per capita are Luxembourg, Réunion, and Belgium, respectively. With the exception of the UK, most of the larger countries don’t consume much per-capita, with the US consumption at only 0.07 liter per year per person. (And probably most of that was last night.)
International Champagne Consumption Bubble Chart