The development of 3D bubble charts for the next version of Bubble Chart Pro™ is almost complete. This is a screenshot of the final 3D bubble chart form. Like our other bubble charts, the 3D bubble charts will be fully customizable including the ability to select the colors for the 3 grids, and to toggle gradient effects on and off separately in each grid. You can also make the grids transparent, which will let you rotate a wire-frame grid in front of a graphic background of your choice. For example, we have created some charts that have a starry clear night sky background which leads to the effect of a suspended 3D bubble chart rotating in outer space. I think that you’ll find that rotating 3D bubble charts give you a compelling new way to look at your data. Exploring the relationships of projects in three dimensions lets you see relationships that you might not have noticed otherwise. Plus, like our other bubble charts, you can compare multiple 3D bubble charts in a single form using your portfolio dashboard. We expect to release the next version of Bubble Chart Pro™ with 3D bubble charts before the end of September. This will be a free upgrade to all our Version 5.x customers. If you’re not already a Bubble Chart Pro™ user, you can try Bubble Chart Pro™ Version 5 for free today. Simply click here to sign-up for your free demo version today!