New Features to Help You Analyze Your Data in a Whole New Way!

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Version 7 adds many new features to make your analyses and decision-making using bubble charts faster, clearer, and easier than ever before. Bubble Chart Pro™ 7 includes a portfolio dashboard, new interactivity, and a new low price of only $49.97!

New Bubble Chart Pro™ Portfolio Dashboard:

You can use the new Bubble Chart Pro™ 7 Dashboard to display and analyze several charts in a single form. You can display different bubble charts using the popup menus to scan, compare, and analyze all of your charts and data quickly and easily in a single form.

Project Portfolio Management Executive Dashboard

New Interactive Axis Labels:

In Bubble Chart Pro™ 7 you can change the axis data "on the fly" in bubble chart forms by simply clicking on the axis label to open a popup menu of your data. Selecting a new data set automatically saves and re-draws the chart. This is a fast and easy way to compare data and charts in a single click!

new bubble chart axis interactivity

New Bubble Size Value Display Preference:

In Bubble Chart Pro™ 7 you display the bubble size value in a bubble label. This is one of the more than 50 customization features you can set in the Bubble Chart Preferences form.

new bubble chart axis interactivity

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NOTE: Bubble Chart Pro PLUS and Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL have been discontinued and replaced with Optsee® Basic and Optsee® Plus, respectively. Click here to learn more about these two new products.