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Form Overview

This form is opened by clicking in the first row at the top of an column column in the Portfolio Data form. Use the Modify Column form to add or modify column in a Portfolio Data form column. This form allows you to enter the column name and other parameters. At the bottom of the form are buttons for you to [Save] or [Cancel] the process.

Bubble Chart Pro™ Column Form when format is numerical:

Column Form when column format is "Categories:"

Column Form when column format is "Date".

Using Categories

Categories let you assign short text and corresponding numerical values to projects such as "Excellent, "Good," "Fair," or "Poor" and set a value for each category you create. The columns are initially sorted by the value, but can also be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the headers at the top of the columns.

New categories are added and modified using the Category Add and Edit Forms:

Categories may also be edited directly in the table in the main form. Category text is limited to 20 characters, including spaces.

Categories are selected for individual projects by clicking in the associated cell and selecting from the pop-up menu that appears:

Column Fields and Controls:

Column name field: Enter the name for the column name in this text field. The column name must be unique for that Portfolio and cannot exceed 48 characters, including spaces.

Make Active For Use in Charts check box: Each portfolio allows you to enter up to 100 columns. This checkbox lets you select the columns you want to appear in pop-up menus (such as for creating bubble charts) and displayed in bar charts. If a column is "Active" (the box is checked), it will be displayed in the header on top of the corresponding column in the Portfolio Data form. Note that the first 10 columns of columns are active by default and this setting can only be modified in the Portfolio Preferences form.

Column Format and Appearance Settings:

Column Formatdrop-down menu: Use this menu to select a currency or percentage symbol to be displayed with the data in the column, or to select the column type that you want to represent this column: “Numerical,” “Categories,” or “Date.” The form will redraw to display different controls and settings depending on which column type you select.

Important Note: Changing formats from a numerical format or "Categories" format to a date format will delete all the data in that column and change it to dates ("00/00/0000") for editing. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE. The date will be in the "dd/mm/yyyy" or the "mm/dd/yyyy" format depending on the system settings.

Decimal Places drop-down menu: Use this menu to select the number of decimal places that your want displayed in the column in the column. You can select from 0 to 4 decimal places.

Number Format drop-down menu: Select the number format for the column. Choices include:

  • 123456789.00
  • 123,456,6789.00
  • 123456789,00
  • 123.456.789,00
  • 123 456 789,00

[Save]: Click on this button to save the changes.

[Cancel]: Click on this button to cancel and close form. Any changes will not be saved.