Our Users' Three Most requested New Features!

In Version 4, we've added our users' three most requested new features: Custom Background Pictures, Bubble Labels, and Blinking Bubbles.

Add Background Pictures to Charts

You can easily add a photograph or other popular graphic type as a background to your chart. Simply import graphics to the Bubble Chart Pro™ library and then select the graphic you want for your background.

The new "Select Background Picture" form and the new "Colors and Pictures" Preferences tab make changing pictures a snap. Plus, you can also lighten and darken the images using a slider to improve the bubbles or bars contrast in the image chart.You can choose to display the picture in the chart only, in the legend only, or in both areas.

New Bubble Display Options:

In Bubble Chart Pro™ Version 4, you have two new display options for your bubbles: bubble labels and bubble blinking. Bubble labels automatically overlays the bubble name in the center of each bubble. Bubble blinking allows you to select individual or groups of bubbles to "blink" on-and-off . Bubble blinking is a great way to quickly locate bubbles in different charts, and you can toggle the blinking on-and-off using the [Blink On/Off] button at the bottom of the form.

You can choose all your bubble display preferences in the new "Bubbles" tab of the Preference form, including the bubble blinking speed.

You can toggle the legend display on and off in one click to get an even wider view of your bubble chart.

New "Smart Bubble Labels" automatically separate overlapping bubble labels.

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