Create Beautiful Custom Bubble Charts in Just 4 Clicks. Free Trial.

Beautiful Custom Bubble Chart Examples

See how easily you can make impressive interactive 2-D, 3-D, and Packed bubble charts on your PC or Mac.

Bubble Chart Pro™ gives you lots more than just impressive bubble charts. Bubble Chart Pro™ is an interactive analytical tool that lets you drill-down into your data, explore it, and present it.

  • Easily create beautiful interactive bubble charts in only 4 clicks
  • Drill-down and modify your data directly in the bubble charts
  • Quickly visualize your data in multiple dimensions using up to 100 data columns
  • Use numerical, text, or date data
  • Compare your bubble charts in using the Bubble Chart Pro™ Dashboard
  • Make the perfect rotating 3-D bubble graph for your meetings and presentations
  • Get the look that you want with full customization and drawing tools
  • Add colorful and impressive bubble charts to your reports
  • Create your own bubble color and pattern combinations plus picture bubbles, transparency, and 3-D spheres
  • Add name, value, or bubble-size labels on top of the bubbles
  • Zoom-in to interesting bubble graph areas using our exclusive "Zoom Boxes"
  • Import and export your data to and from spreadsheets
  • Buy it now for only $49.97!
  • Compatible with latest Mac and Windows Operating Systems

Bottom line: Bubble Chart Pro™ 8 will save you money and time by helping you make better business decisions.

"Amazing - WOW! This is exactly what our team needs to shine. Every PMO should be using this program. I can't believe that we have spent so much time manually fussing over bubble charts so that they visually present correctly and accurately. Thank you. I'm your latest fan."
Stephanie B., Project Portfolio Manager, Austin, Texas

"I just loaded your new version and my initial reaction is WOW!"
Brian M., Corporate Compliance, San Diego, CA

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"It's a good little app. It beats trying to do this in Excel with macros, etc."
Sean K., IT Director, Sussex, United Kingdom

"I am a management consultant working in Sweden. I am very impressed with your product Bubble Chart Pro. I think that it is a product that have a big opportunity to become the management decision tool. The reason for that is that it is very easy to use and have a really big potential as an analyzing and decision making tool for both management and consultants."
Olav B., Management Consultant, Sweden

Note: The free demo version works just like the full version with only 2 limitations:

  • A "Demonstration Version" watermark is displayed across the charts.
  • Bubble charts and portfolios are limited to 10 projects.