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Bubble Charts Made Easy! Select your bubble chart parameters using drop down menus and create a beautiful 2D, 3D, or Packed Bubble chart in just 4 clicks! You can drag the bubbles around to modify your data and use zoom-boxes to expand areas of interest. Bubble Chart Pro™ also includes an executive dashboard for comparing bubble charts and data in a single form. For example, just compare Bubble Chart Pro™ with Microsoft® Excel bubble charts, and you will see the advantages for yourself.
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Rotating 3-Dimensional Bubble Charts Included    3-Dimensional (3D) bubble charts are a great way to explore your data relationships in 4 dimensions using data in the X-,Y-, and Z-axes and the bubble size. 3D bubble charts are extremely useful in business investment decisions when you want to compare data such as cost, risk, profit, and resource data simultaneously in a single chart. Click here to watch an 11-second video of a rotating 3-D bubble chart in action
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Fast and Easy Bubble Chart Customization! Bubble Chart Pro™ 8 charts have over 50 different customization options so you can get the chart look that you want. The Bubble Chart Pro™ Preferences Form makes it easy to modify your charts, and you can save a set of default chart parameters that will be applied each time you create a new bubble chart.
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Import and Export Data and Charts You can easily and quickly import and export data to and from popular spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. You can use bubble charts in your reports, presentations, and web pages by exporting them in popular graphic formats such as .jpeg, .gif, and .png.
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Bubble Chart Pro™ 8 Has Been Discontinued. Versions available for both Macs and Windows. Click Here to see what's new in Version 8!